Built a Successful Company

During my years growing up in Poland, I was somewhat of a rebellious kid. Given my personality, I knew all along that working for someone else was never going to be my cup of tea. I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Along with an older business partner, I started my first business in 1996 – an online travel website called Travel Poland. Once the site launched, I blasted out hundreds of emails one at a time to attract customers. I knew there had to be a way to automate this tiresome process. After some research, I used the minimal coding experience I had to build my own tool that made it easier to send out emails.

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After a year in business, my partner forced me out of Travel Poland. But I still had the email tool that I had designed. Since it was so helpful in sending out emails, I figured other entrepreneurs might need a similar solution. It turns out they did. And just like that, in 1997, GetResponse was born.

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